Phase 1 has launched. Now accepting submissions!

Please submit a comprehensive description of the proposed innovation, answering the following questions, in PDF, Microsoft Word, or Text format. The document should be five (5) pages or less, including any references. Margins should be no less than 1/2 inch on each side.

  • What is your innovation?
  • What barriers does your innovation address?
  • How will your innovation positively impact the life of a pregnant woman and/or new mom that wouldn’t already be impacted by existing efforts?
  • How will your innovation consider the needs of under-resourced communities, including rural areas?
  • If awarded in Phase 1, how will you develop your innovation and demonstrate that your solution works for a wide population (see Review Criteria for Phases 2 and 3)?

Submissions are due by 5:00pm Eastern on Monday, November 19, 2018.

For additional considerations in preparing your submission, please be sure to understand the Review Criteria against which your submission will be evaluated.

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