Frequently Asked Questions

You may upload your submission on the submission page for each Challenge. Please check the main Challenge page to see when submissions will begin to be accepted (Launch Date). Once the Launch Date arrives a Submit button will appear on each Challenge’s respective Submission page where you will upload a Word document or PDF.
We are seeking innovative ideas for health issues affecting moms and kids. These include but are not limited to intervention programs, methodologies, educational technology, media and digital games, enhanced diagnostic tools, and data solutions.
We invite you to share information and links about the Challenges with friends and colleagues. We hope that involving more people will grow the conversation and accelerate solutions that will improve the health of mothers and children across the U.S.
Yes. Winning submissions must be able to be tested for effectiveness and must be scalable.
The Challenges are structured in such a way that you may not compete in Phase 2 or 3 directly without participating in and winning Phase 1 (there will be up to 10 winners for Phase 1).
Yes. Although you have an MVP or prototype, you still must apply to Phase 1 of a Challenge to be considered for subsequent phases.
While the submission requirements for each Challenge are broad enough to encompass the use of an existing solution as a part of a participant’s entry, there still needs to be clear innovation. Solvers will need to show they did not simply apply an existing solution without its modification, enhancement, or augmentation. The purpose of the Challenges is to drive innovation, so there has to be a clearly innovative offering in your submission for it to successfully compete.
Following the Phase 1 close date, compliant submissions will be reviewed according to the Phase 1 selection criteria by the Challenge’s Expert Advisors. Based on Advisor feedback, Federal Judges will choose the winning submissions that move on to Phase 2.
Yes, individuals or teams that were selected as winners at the end of Phase 1 are eligible to win Phase 2 and 3 prizes.
Multiple submissions are allowed, but each one must be a unique approach, sufficiently differentiated, and in compliance with the Challenge Requirements. Only one prize may be awarded per team.

Yes, each entrant retains full ownership in and title to their submission. As an entrant, you reserve all intellectual property rights not expressly granted under the Challenge agreements.

However, by participating in the Challenges, you, as an entrant, irrevocably grant HRSA a limited, non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license and right to reproduce, publicly perform, publicly display and use the submission for internal HHS business, and to the extent necessary to administer the Challenge, and to publicly perform and publicly display the submission, including, without limitation, for advertising and promotional purposes relating to each Challenge.

The Challenges serve as platforms. They offer expert validation of your idea, access to experienced mentors, exposure to a wide audience, and possibly cash incentives to deploy your solution at scale.

Yes, more than one individual is permitted to complete a submission package during all phases of the Challenge. Team members are solely responsible for allocating the value of services, awards, or prizes to be granted by HRSA as described in the Terms & Conditions.

Please email  We also encourage you to sign up for updates. In fairness to all potential contestants, we may post the answer to your question(s) online on our FAQ page.