Pam Kania

Ms. Kania is the Regional Administrator for the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Region III Office, providing leadership for external affairs, stakeholder engagement and outreach; partnership and collaboration with Federal, State, Tribal and local leadership; and surveillance of the health care trends throughout the Region III States.

Prior to this position, Ms. Kania spent more than 26 years working with Federally funded public health care service delivery programs.  Throughout her employment, she has held positions that range from the direct provision of clinical care in community-based public health clinics, to being a grantee project director, a regional training center manager, and a federal official responsible for the administration of funds for public health care programs in Region III. 

Additionally, for many years, Ms. Kania was a Federal public health official accountable for national program planning, funding recommendations, performance measurement and evaluation, and the development of program guidelines.   Ms. Kania’s professional background has provided her with the understanding of both the grantee and the Federal government roles and responsibilities related to Federal grant operations and accountability. During all of her employment, Ms. Kania has worked within the Region III geographic area, thus familiarizing herself with its public health needs and provider community.