Final Winner Announced

Zohreh Daly, User Experience Designer at Quilted Health
The Maternal Monitoring App (MaMA)

The team will receive a $130,000 cash prize.

The Maternal Monitoring App (MaMA) is a downloadable smartphone app. It assesses the correct level of care during pregnancy and up to year after delivery, based on symptoms and/or data from home health devices and tools. It helps overcome the barriers to care by making healthcare accessible through devices.

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Four Phase 2 Winners Selected September 2019

The winning innovations are technology-based solutions that help providers remotely monitor the health of pregnant women, and empower women to make informed decisions about their own care.

Each team won a share of a $145,000 prize.

Augusta University

Augusta University: The VidaRPM App

Bloomlife, Inc

Bridging the Gap: A Mom-Centric Approach to Remote Prenatal Care

Sibel, Inc.

Sibel, Inc.: Breakthrough Wearable Sensor Systems for Pregnancy

Zohreh Daly

Zohreh Daly and Faith Wilson: Maternal Monitoring App-MaMA

One team will be chosen by 2021 to win a grand prize of up to $130,000.

9 Phase 1 Winners Selected February 2019:

Each team won a share of a $100,000 prize. Teams were:

  • Rural Mamas Connect
  • Augusta University: The VidaRPM App
  • Babyscripts
  • Bloomlife, Inc
  • University of Alabama, College of Community Health Sciences:Telemedicine-toward Empowering Rural Moms (TERM) Program
  • Zohreh Daly and Faith Wilson: Maternal Monitoring App-MaMA
  • Minash LLC: Moms Care Circle
  • Sibel, Inc.: Breakthrough Wearable Sensor Systems for Pregnancy
  • PreTeL, Inc.: Disposable Electronic Tattoo Sensors